How Long After Opening Your Juice Bar Should You Be Able To Step Away?

Whether you are thinking about starting your own juice or smoothie bar or already own one, I’m sure you have asked yourself this question.
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3 Strategies To Increase Your Average Ticket Sale

Some of you may or may not know that it’s really not only about how many customers come into your business on a regular basis, but it’s about how much...
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The Importance Of Operational Systems In Your Juice Or Smoothie Bar Business

To have systems within your business is to have very clear outlines of how to do things within all areas of your company.....
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How To Deal With Juice and Smoothie Bar Competition

We want to talk about two different elements of how to deal with Juice Bar competitors....
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Theft at Your Juice Bar

Theft is one of the unpleasant things you don’t really want to think about, however, it is important to put measures into place to avoid this from happening...
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How Long Will It Take To Open My Juice Bar?

There are a number of important elements to be considered, which will dictate how long it will take for you to open...
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Keeping Your Inventory Tight

Keeping your inventory tight is important for the sake of streamlining production and increasing buying power with vendors and reduced spoilage...
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Juice Bar Franchise | Top 10 Franchises | Industry Analysis

The juice bar industry is estimated to have grown over $9 Billion worldwide. The U.S. alone accounts for $2.2 Billion, with over 5,200 locations across the states. The industry is...
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Juice Bar Profit Margin | Start A Juice Bar Agency

If you are looking at a single store you should be at 20%. Depending on your business model and primary products served, you could see this number go as high...
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What To Know About Your Juice bar Logo | Juice Bar Experts

A good logo leaves a subconscious impression in the minds of the customer that communicates what your business does and also the energy that your business is intending to give...
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My Journey Starting My Juice Bar

From the moment I had the vision of launching a juice bar, I was equally as excited as I was terrified. Starting a Juice bar was the most challenging and...
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Should Your Juice Bar Serve Food?

This is why your juice bar needs to be serving food! People eat two to three times a day, but tend to only drink juice maybe once. Make your juice...
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