6 Reasons Why Most Juice Or Smoothie Bars Fail

6 Reasons Why Most Juice Or Smoothie Bars Fail

If you are in the process of opening your own Juice or Smoothie bar or are thinking about opening one, take a look at our top 6 reasons why these businesses can sometimes fail. Use this list to ensure that you don’t make these same mistakes when launching your business.

1) Owners don’t understand people 

When you own a juice bar you are in the customer service industry, if you are not aware of how people operate and you are not great at serving people, you are not going to do well.

You can have a great product but people won’t want to come to visit you if they don’t feel they have been serviced well.

It is important to know how to serve people well and also understand the value of service.

It is also important to be people-centric because, in order to be an effective leader or business owner, you must be able to nurture and build relationships with your staff and customers alike.

All great entrepreneurs have an almost supernatural ability to read other human beings.

To understand what motivates them into action, what they like and what they don’t like.

This is crucial to your business success.

2) Operations are inconsistent 

There are a lot of things you have to put into place for your operations to be consistent. 

If people show up and order their usual juice and it’s not the same then this will make your customers lose trust in your business and ultimately not return.

3) Hiring the wrong staff

This is an area that is also difficult to get right, but if you are prepared to invest your time into getting the job ads right and proper interviewing methods, you will find you are able to hire a much higher caliber of staff. 

Investing upfront in proper hiring procedures can reduce your employee turnover, create a happier workforce, and ultimately happier customers.

4) The brand is not strong enough 

Often juice bar owners will think that just making healthy juice for people is enough. 

It’s not. 

You need to have a strong and unique brand that sets you aside from the competition. 

Why would people want to come back to your store, what’s special and unique about your juice bar? 

You want your business to be memorable. Think about the value of your brand and what unique experiences you can offer your customers.

5) Budgeting and Overall Financial awareness

In order to succeed within this or any other business, you have to be on top of your finances. 

You at least need to know what money is coming in and what is going out.

If this is not your area of expertise, hire someone who can do this for you, this is absolutely necessary in order to keep your business up and running.

6) Wrong Location

One of the major reasons people go out of business is because they simply don’t have a location with enough demand, access or visibility. 

You can have an amazing product, great service, great staff, but if you don’t have a great location and it’s inconvenient for people to get to where you are, they are not going to show up. 

First and foremost, think about the value of your location, if this is not right, it simply will not work.

Don’t underestimate the value of a good location!

Don’t be under the misconception that people will go too far out of their way to try your product. They may for a little, but convenience almost always wins out over quality in peoples lives.

Have any questions about budgets, location, hiring processes, or any of the above. Reach out us!