The Importance Of Operational Systems In Your Juice Or Smoothie Bar Business

The Importance Of Operational Systems In Your Juice Or Smoothie Bar Business

What do we actually mean by operational systems?

To have systems within your business is to have very clear outlines of how to do things within all areas of your company.

Whether this is how you order produce, how you take inventory, how you hire people, how you train people, how you open the store, how you close the store or how you organize your vendor relationships.

Why is it so important to have systems within your business?

Because ultimately you want to be able to grow your business, and you can only do this if you are able to create more time and freedom for yourself.

When you don’t have systems within your business, it’s like you are standing on quicksand.

If you do not have clear systems in your business before you launch it can be hard to do this after the fact. Once the doors are open, customers will roll in, you will need to keep up with orders, employee demands, hiring new staff, maybe even firing staff, scheduling, all these things are happening….

Then the challenge becomes trying to keep up with everything and ALSO create the systems and paperwork your business needs to flow smoothly.

Inventory Management

One area we have seen this happen in a lot is in maintaining inventory.

If you don’t have clear systems in place here, you are not on top of all your ingredients’ stock levels then you will run out of product. This means you have to make an emergency trip to the store to replenish stock or lose out on sales because you will have to turn customers away.

This is not only an issue because of the time it is taking you or your staff to go to the store, but it will also affect your bottom line because you are not buying these products wholesale.

This is also perpetuating the cycle of quicksand as you have less time and less money to be able to get on top of things.

So in summary, If you don’t have clear systems and processed in your business, it is likely that your business feels more like a chaotic hurricane than a smooth and well-oiled machine.

It might not be the most interesting and fun thing to have to focus your attention on, but once you have these in place, it will be worth it, trust us!

If you are struggling to put your administrative documents together or need help creating systems to make your operations more efficient, reach out to us. We can help.