3 Strategies To Increase Your Average Ticket Sale

3 Strategies To Increase Your Average Ticket Sale

How much are your average ticket sales? Do you know?

Some of you may or may not know that it’s really not only about how many customers come into your business on a regular basis, but it’s about how much they are actually investing in your product.

Let’s say you have an average ticket sale of $10, and you have 100 customers per day, that’s $1000 a day. Let’s compare that to 100 customers that spend on average $15 per order which will equal $1500 per day. Calculate this across the whole month and you’re sales will have increased 50%. That is significant.

Let’s look at 3 strategies to help increase your customers’ average ticket sale!

1. Up-selling!

Sadly we see a lot of juice bars either not do this at all or not do it very well.

First of all, what is up-selling?

This is when a customer walks into your business and orders, for example, a smoothie.

Now how does your staff respond to this?

Do they say ‘would you like anything else with that’ or ‘would you like to add a wellness shot to that?’ OR do they say something like “I love to add mint to this smoothie! Would you like to add some mint for an extra dollar?”

This is known as up-selling. This is something that if you do it well and consistently you can generally increase your average ticket sales by about 15- 25%.

Make sure it’s something that really compliments and adds value what the customer is ordering and your staff is educated and trained well enough to know all the add ons confidently.

For each item on the menu, you should have an up-sell but also have your more general up-sells like wellness shots for example.

2. Offer higher price point products or services

This could be things like cleanse programs or wellness programs in partnership with local health coaches. The prices of these packages could range from $100 all the way up to $1000.

If you can get someone in your business to sell one of these packages per day or once every other day your average ticket sales are going to increase massively!

3. Strategically placed retail items

We always suggest clients put their grab and go refrigerators in reach of the check out counter. You want them to be able to have access to this while they are waiting for their smoothie or also when asked ‘would you like anything else with your order’.

Also, make sure you don’t use fridges with doors, easy access is key here! You don’t want there to be too many barriers for someone to buy something in a moment of impulse.

Any dry items, like protein bars, should be placed on shelves in clear sight by the cash register so customers can easily grab them.

If you are able to implement these 3 strategies we are confident your average ticket sales will increase!

Want to increase your average ticket sales but not too sure where to start? Reach out to us!