Why The Coronavirus Needs Your Juice Bar Business


To all of our clients, new, old and current we wanted to share with you our top tips for smoothie and juice bar business owners on how to cope with the current virus outbreak and how to respond to it the right way to make sure you’re staying in business, whilst supporting the health of your team and your customers. 

Recently, our world has been hit with a terrible pandemic that is affecting each and every one of us — The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) — which was detected in Wuhan, China. This has spread globally and there’s no doubt that wherever you are in the world reading this, you are affected either directly or indirectly in some way.

Juice bar businesses all over the world are going to be affected by the virus in many ways – economically, socially, and personally. The short and long term implications are going to be interesting to see how our world copes with it, however, we really must stress to all those with a juice bar – do not get overcome with fear or paranoia. This is the perfect time for you to be open and functioning! The perfect time to be there for humanity and provide food as medicine, to support your community and customers to help fight this coronavirus away.  

Juice bars businesses are built for people’s health. If people’s immune systems are down, they need all the vitamins, minerals, antibacterial, and antiviral products that they can get – and that’s where you can help!

You need to remind your customers of the good quality products you’re selling, and how they can stop them from getting the virus.

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Our Key Tips

  • Up your marketing and get posting on social channels – especially while people are in self-isolation, many will be on their phones and laptops for a long period of time so it perfect opportunity to promote your business.
  • Inside your juice bar, make your customers aware that you are taking all the necessary precautions to keep your store clean and safe. Provide hand sanitizer as they enter, make sure all equipment is consistently cleaned and surfaces wiped down. You need to make them feel safe and protected. 
  • Every day the situation is changing, and a lot of cities are removing the ability to dine in and potentially shut down stores. This is the perfect time to up your delivery option (or to start it!)
  • If you haven’t started a juice bar business but are considering it, this really is the best time to get it up and running. This virus has shaken people to realize how important health and nutrition are, which will leave an understanding of how important it is to build their immune systems throughout their lives in case of any other virus pandemics. 

How do they do that? With your help! With your juices, smoothies, wellness shots, and goodness to keep them feeling healthy and fit all year round and prevent them from being sick. It is the perfect time to open, support your community, and build a successful profitable business. 

It’s going to be interesting to witness what happens economically throughout this period. As an advantage, there could be a lot of opportunities with cheaper real estate and low to no interest rate loans. So if you have some extra cash, you can get in at a low rate and start a business a lot cheaper than usual.


We would love to hear your feedback and views on the coronavirus, and if there is anything we can do to help or support – please do reach out to discuss how we work with juice and smoothie bar business owners – either fresh startups or existing businesses looking to scale and refine their operations. 

We also have a video further explaining the positive impact your juice bar business can have during this time.

get the free 15 step checklist on how to start a juice bar

Get Insights, Tips and Tools to launch and run a successful Juice Business
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  1. Erin Turner

    Good afternoon,
    We are researching how to start our own juice business in Florida. We want to start making raw juice from our home and delivering them until everything gradually gets back to “normal.” Befire starting we want to know if there are laws or restrictions from starting in our kitchen. Do you have any insight?