Virtue Juice Bar is located in Vacaville, California. They were the first juice bar in the nation to
offer cold-pressed to order juices. This required a unique kitchen layout and some detailed
operational strategies.

They serve organic and locally-sourced produce on their menu, including cold-pressed juices,
smoothies, smoothie and acai bowls, toast, coffee, tea, and grab-and-go salads.

They’re offering cleanse and detox programs to their customers, who range from employees of
the many local businesses in the precinct and local health-lovers who were waiting for a healthy
juice bar/cafe to finally open in the area.

How we Helped

Virtue received a full spectrum of support from us in their menu development, admin and
operational documents, and equipment list. We also assisted them in their location layout
design, as well as provided the company with vendor relationships and also sent one of our
trainers out for on-site staff training before they opened.

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