The Importance of your Juice Bars Visibility 

The location of your juice bar business will impact its success more than anything else. If your space is in the wrong place, you will really struggle to attract the right amount of customers you need in order to stay in business.

The same is true if your location has poor visibility, is blocked by obstacles or is difficult to find. There are many things that must be considered to make sure everyone can see you and all the goodness you can give! 


Let’s start with color. Your choice of color on the exterior walls can influence consumer feelings about your products or services, as well as influencing their decision to enter or not.  We want to make sure our colors are in alignment with our brand, but also something that stands out and is appealing to our customers.

As we are promoting health and nutrition, stay clear of dark colors -a gloomy-looking juice bar will probably put customers off and doesn’t appear as a very happy healthy place. Warm colours are recommended – reds, yellows, pinks etc. 


Signage is another very important part to get right. Try to understand what the simulations are around juice bars, make sure your signs stand out. The bigger the better, with a bold font for people to read when further away. A little tip – the higher up your sign is, the more visibility to potential customers nearby. You’ll also reduce the risk of any trees growing over the years and blocking them! 

Figure out how much traffic there is in the area – be it pedestrian or vehicles. As much as we as individuals may not like it, The greater the traffic, the better the chances you have of attracting people off the street.

So before you commit to a space for your juice bar, make sure to do a full analysis of the area taking everything into consideration from traffic to visibility to competition. Speak to the landlord and see where you can place signs and how big they can be. Get all the details before you sign the lease! 

Finding the right location, that has great visibility is critical in ensuring a successful business. You want customers to find you, enjoy their visit and keep coming back.

Our team are absolute experts at finding the right locations for your juice bars, and know all the danger signs to look out for.

Get in contact for more information and let’s set up a call so we can help ensure you launch your juice bar in the right location!

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