Importance of Delegation in your Juice bar

Like much of our content, we see patterns from observing our own journey and a lot that our clients go through to reach a successful juice bar business. Unfortunately, something that will hold your business growth back, is when you don’t delegate properly and utilise your staff members and their skills.  

A lot of small business owners have a certain mentality that won’t actually grow their revenue, and they end up struggling unnecessarily – they stand by the phrase ‘If you want to get something done correctly, you must do it yourself’. This is normally due to a lack of trust in new employees, and the mentality that only they can complete each task correctly. ‘Cheap is expensive’ – this is when a business owner doesn’t invest money in other staff because they think they can do it all themselves and see it as an expense, not an investment! 

When you don’t delegate, you take on way too much and don’t prioritise your time to grow the business, instead end up doing all the small tasks which could be given to someone else. One question to ask yourself – do I HAVE to do this? How important is it?

So how do you get your staff to the point where they are capable to complete tasks on their own and without your help? To feel confident to make a good juice, or write good content for your social media? 

For you as a business owner, if you’re not someone who has had experience managing large teams, it can be very challenging to understand how to train and build your staff up. You want to be focusing on the high leverage activities, which are normally strategic things – not physical labour jobs like moving boxes or washing the dishes.  

As a business owner, you have to think and plan ahead. As you are growing you need to see what resources you will need – human and operational. Get organised! Don’t wait until you’re growing and so busy that you don’t even have time to hire and train anyone new. It becomes a never ending cycle, so make sure you are aware of how quickly you’re growing so you can hire efficiently, train up correctly and continue increasing your profits. 

One training tip – with your new employees, let them make mistakes. We learn from making these, it is an imperative part of the process so invest time in building them up with confidence and knowledge as it will only promote your business and save you a lot of time in the future. 

Need some extra help in building your team confidence and perfecting their skills at your juice bar? Get in touch and let us help you now! 


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