How To Get Over The Fear Of Starting a Juice Bar

It’s a normal experience to be scared to open your first business. There’s a lot on the line and it’s not only about the money. We invest our time and take pride in what we create as entrepreneurs. Hopefully this post will give you the extra push you need to take the leap if you’re still hanging on the edge.

starting your juice bar business doesn’t have to be scary

How To Get Over Your Fear

The first thing I would suggest doing to get over your fear is to fully immerse yourself in knowledge about the business. Read everything you can, even books about marketing, branding and entrepreneurship.

Imagine someone with no medical training coming across a victim suffering from multiple serious injuries. That person would probably be terrified! Now imagine an experienced ER doctor looking at the same scenario.

It’s the same in business. The more times you open a new business, the less scared you will be. You will know what to expect so when things inevItably go wrong you will be prepared to deal with these things, both in terms of action and even emotionally. 

Figure Out How To Make It Work

When I first got started in this business I put up every dollar I had. If we went out of business–and we almost did multiple times–I would have been broke. In my experience, when I was faced with that kind of pressure, I eventually figured out how to make it work.

The fact is sometimes you have to jump and know that your parachute is going to open. Of course there are many unknowns when embarking on the journey of a new business. It’s a massive risk and you have to ask yourself an important question.

What kind of life do you want to create for yourself? Do you want to take a safe paycheck at a job that might not be your dream, but isn’t so risky? Most people would easily say yes to the extra safety, and that’s why they aren’t entrepreneurs.

When old people are asked what their greatest regrets are in life, they never talk about the things that they did do, they always mention the things they didn’t do.

My advice is to go for it. Learn everything you can to make the ride as easy as possible and most of all, believe in yourself.

If you’re looking to take your juice bar business knowledge to the next level I offer everything one could ever need to succeed in my online course. I also consult one on one with people on more technical and strategic aspects providing needed guidance for people still feeling somewhat uneasy about the process of getting started with their juice bar.



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