How Much Does it Cost to Start a Juice or Smoothie Bar | Juice Bar Experts Podcast Episode 55



How Much Does it Cost to Start a Juice or Smoothie Bar

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Exploring all things relating to opening and scaling a successful juice bar business.

In this episode, we discuss the costs and different variables associated with starting a Juice or Smoothie Bar.  We cover a multitude of factors that affect your costs; the business model you plan to run, volume of business you plan to do, size of the space, area you live in, equipment you’ll need, and lease terms. Enjoy this episode with your host Andrew McFarlane, founder of the Start A Juice Bar Agency and multiple juice bars, and consultant to juice bar entrepreneurs around the world for nearly a decade.



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  1. Masticating juicers can do everything centrifugal juicers can, but they can also handle tough, stringy items like wheatgrass. If you’re planning on juicing with a lot of greens, a masticating juicer will be much more efficient.

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