What To Know About Your Juice bar Logo | Juice Bar Experts

We all know our juice bar logo is important.

The problem is, many of us don’t know where to find good designers or what elements actually make a great juice bar logo.

In this article we will discuss a few resources and some key elements to consider when it comes to developing your juice bar logo.

Let’s start with key elements to consider when designing a great logo.

Your juice bar logo should be clear.



I have seen too many logos that I actually don’t understand or can’t read. If someone can’t make out your logo, they are not likely to invest any energy struggling to figure out what your business actually does.

Simple is best.

Realize that your customers are usually only going to have a short period of time to understand what your business is doing. Most of the time people are either walking or driving by your store or seeing your logo in some brief moment.

A good logo leaves a subconscious impression in the minds of the customer that communicates what your business does and also the energy that your business is intending to give to your customer.

It’s very important for you to realize in your visual marketing that the mind works in archetypes, meaning it will register a symbol of something and understand what it is before it reads the words.

That brings us to point number two.

Your juice bar Logo should leave the customers with the impression that you intend it to.

What are the adjectives and qualities that you want your business to represent?




Whatever the words are that you want your brand to embody, does your juice bar logo reflect those feelings and qualities while you look at it?

Your logo should be connected to your brand!

Your juice bar logo should be unique.

Realize that if your logo looks like every other company, people will block you out. Your logo shouldn’t look like anyone else’s unless you are actually trying to make an unconscious association with that company.

Most of the time that isn’t the case, so be sure to make sure that your logo doesn’t make your customers think of another business.

When I wanted to have my logo made, I went to a website called 99designs.com, it’s a really good website if you’re on a budget. This is a place that if you are on a budget you can utilize with little to no risk.

If you want to have a world class juice bar logo done, reach out to us.

We have a full spectrum design team that will understand your brand name, mission and vision, and give you a visual representation of what you are intending to display.