Why You Need A Mentor in the Juice Bar Business

The smartest juice bar business owners have mentors

When I was first starting my juice bar business I absolutely did not want to hear this and it is that you need a mentor. You need someone who has gone through this process and can guide you through the potential challenges. That doesn’t mean it has to be me, although I do make myself available in that way, but you do need to connect with someone.

I had a lot of pride when I was first starting out. I was of the mentality that if I worked really hard, then I would be successful in my goals. Now that might be true 80% of the time, but I have found that it didn’t get me all the way every single time.

Working Hard vs Working Smart

I have seen that yes, working hard is really great, but working smart is so much better. There were aspects to my business that I could have made so much easier on myself, but I simply didn’t have the knowledge. This is why talking with someone with many years experience in the business world is so important.

Of course as an entrepreneur you also need to have a certain kind of attitude. At some level you have to believe that you are going to succeed against all odds. But again, that doesn’t mean being foolish enough to think you know everything about the path ahead.

The thing is, we don’t know what we don’t know. What does that mean? There are things we know we don’t know how to do. For example, maybe you know you have to create a business plan, but you don’t know how. You at least know that you need to learn how to create one or get someone to help you.

What A Mentor Can Do For You

There are other things though that you don’t even know you need to be doing and you also don’t know how to do them! This is where a mentor comes in. This person can tell you where you need to be focusing your time and attention so you can work smart, not work hard.

I always say that the price of ignorance is expensive.

I might be able to learn what a mentor took 10 years experience to absorb in the time of a few months. Why would I not do that? Personally I have had a lot of success in the business world, but by no means have reached a pinnacle. Whenever I stretch my goals into new areas, I always seek help from people with experience. Not doing so would be one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make in business.

The Thing About Success

The thing about success is that it is intentional. People who get what they want do it on purpose. It’s usually not an accident. Learn from them. They might tell you that your whole business strategy is terrible. Amazing! Think about how much time and money you just saved yourself.

If you are looking for guidance on getting your juice bar concept started I do offer consulting services. Like I said though, I don’t have to be that person for you, but find someone.  

If you already want to dive in and learn more consider taking our online course.