What’s the truth about the juice industry? Well there are a few big ones and not everyone is talking about them.

Especially if you are seriously considering getting into this business, these are things that you will want to make yourself aware of. Having been in this industry for nearly a decade I want to share insights into the underbelly of the industry.


Many companies lie

Within my juice business I held myself to high standards of integrity just as I do in my personal life. I bought high quality organic produce, everything was truly raw and we were 100% cold-pressed. I can tell you for sure that there were other companies out there claiming all of the above, and simply not doing it.

Some companies will claim they use organic produce when really they are just buying conventional. 
Many companies will pasteurize their product, meaning heating it to a certain degree to kill both harmful and helpful bacterias, and claim that it is raw.

Another similar method is a system that submerges the juice bottle in pressurized water. I guess it’s that people think because it’s juice then customers won’t be able to tell the difference in terms of quality. This is sad and in all honestly makes it challenging for people who are attempting to run their business with integrity.


How do you compete with the prices of of a juice bar that is claiming to use organic produce but getting the buying benefit of purchasing conventional?

The truth comes out eventually. The staff members of these businesses may speak out, since they truly know what is going on. At the end of the day the quality of your product will speak for itself.

 So don’t get discouraged by the companies who aren’t being honest. If you put out an amazing product, even if it is slightly more expensive, customers will notice.


The juice industry is dynamic and it’s not in a bubble

The conversation that tends to come up in any industry is about the future direction. I’ve heard people with juice bars in big cities saying there is a big bubble, juicing is just a fad, and that the market is far too saturated anyway.

I completely disagree with this.

What I really think is going is that we are seeing a worldwide shift in people beginning to take responsibility for their own health. I would hear personal accounts from people at my juice bar of using juice fasting to heal themselves of terminal illnesses and other diseases.

When I started my first juice truck in 2008 I was one of the only people doing it. Now juice bars are popping up everywhere like popcorn. I wouldn’t worry about there being a bubble personally. I think people are finally waking up to the importance of living a more health conscious life and drinking organic juices and smoothies is one of the best ways to maintain this.

If you’re curious to learn more I have an online course where I provide all of the information you could ever need to have a really successful juice bar. This knowledge was not available when I first got started so please learn from the mistakes I had to figure out the hard way!