Should Your Juice Bar Offer Cleanse Programs?

why you should consider offering cleanse programs

If you haven’t asked yourself the question, “Should I be running cleanse programs at my juice bar?”, it’s something you should consider. 

In this article I am going to share some key insights as to what you need to consider as it pertains to offering cleanse programs in your business.

A cleanse package means, customers are pre-buying a certain number of days worth of juice for a preplanned number of days.

The juices are given to them at specific time to facilitate certain aspects of the cleansing process.

 Some people have the idea that it’s too complicated to offer cleanse packages, but it’s really not too difficult, and honestly, it may actually simplify many aspects of your day to day operations. The fact is, that customers want to cleanse.

Many people start drinking juice for the health benefits that it offers and taking on a juice cleanse is one of the most powerful ways to reboot their health.

 A Major Benefit For Your Operations

Another big benefit of offering cleanse packages is you are pre-selling your product.  One of the biggest challenges when it comes to juice bar operations, is actually knowing how much product you need to prep on a given day, then actually selling as much of that prepared product as possible.

When someone purchases a cleanse program, in essence, they are pre-purchasing your product. This means there is no guess work involved. You will know exactly how much product and labor you will need in order to create this for your customers.

Higher Price Point

On top of this, it’s simply a bigger sale.

People might be coming in and spending two to three hundred dollars on a major cleanse package.  Having a more involved product and service your business can provide means more money for your bottom line.

This post is mainly to get you to understand that there are massive benefits to offering cleanses at your juice bar. When you take my online course I dive into how to actually design these cleanses. What information will you provide? How many different packages should you have? How do you sell a cleanse package? What other procedures will you need to create in order for the cleanse package program to run smoothly?

Additionally I offer consulting specifically around designing good cleanse packages as well as guiding you in any and all aspects related to your juice business.