Marketing Your Juice & Smoothie Bar Business

Marketing Your Juice & Smoothie Bar Business

Do you have a marketing strategy? 

How much budget have you set aside for this?

It’s easy to underestimate how powerful marketing is in order to drive sales. 

Marketing for many business owners almost feels intangible so they do not invest enough time or financial resources in this element of their business.

We recently spoke to a client in Australia who has 4 Juice Bars and they were only spending $400-700 a month marketing all of their stores.

So this really shows that even a business that can be mature and already somewhat established may not aware of the power and value of a great marketing plan. 

The sales were ok, but they weren’t really thriving yet, and one of the things they hadn’t put in place yet was a clear marketing strategy with systematic execution. This was then something we helped them put in place and execute against.

It’s so important to set aside an ample amount of budget for your marketing. We have often seen Juice Bar owners rely solely on word of mouth as their marketing strategy, however, this simply isn’t going to be enough.

Word of mouth can work, sure, but you actually need to drive people into store initially to then get people talking about your business.

This is where an amazing marketing strategy, especially when first launching, comes into play.

Location is obviously a hugely important factor in your businesses success A good location will do a lot of leg work in terms of getting customers through the door, however, with marketing, we also want to build brand awareness and target those customers that aren’t walking or driving past our storefront. 

There are so many people you can tap into through other ways of marketing, here’s a list of platforms you can target them from. 

Paid Advertising on social media 

You need to ensure you have consistent, high-value content that is targeting and engaging your audience.

Remember also to keep all your content in line with your company values, your brand and visuals should feel consistent across all of your channels and platforms. 

On a final note, we want to emphasize that marketing really is an investment. It might not feel like it makes financial sense to spend $10 on getting a customer through the door who may only spend $3-5 on a juice, however when done right, this person should become a loyal customer so think about how much value that becomes across a longer span of time. 1 year, or for the lifetime of the business.

You have to be willing to invest some money initially to drive footfall to your store and gain your customers’ trust and then over time, you will reap the benefits! 

Are you starting out and need a solid marketing strategy in place to support your launch? Or want to chat to us about your existing strategy? Reach out to us!