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Juice Truck Business Pros and Cons

Pros of Starting a Juice Truck

There are some key benefits you’ll enjoy when opening a juice truck. These point to why so many people are looking to start out in this industry with a truck.


Entry Cost is Low

In almost every case, it is much cheaper as a start-up model to open a juice truck than to go with a storefront concept. With reduced space, there is less need for equipment, the menu is often smaller, leasing/purchasing the truck is much cheaper, and less staff all result in a lower start-up and maintenance cost.


Flexibility in Location

Another advantage is that you aren’t locked into one set location. The mobile business model is beneficial when it comes to changing from an underperforming location to somewhere with a more appropriate demographic to convert to customers.

When you have a store, you are essentially committing to that space. If you later realize that your target market isn’t there, or there is too much competition, then it’s a lot harder (and for most start-ups, just not possible) to change locations of the storefront. 

If a storefront is your main goal, you can test out different locations in your area to find the best place to eventually open that store. 

Mobile Advertising

The exterior of the truck is a giant sign for your business – your business is it’s own form of mobile advertisement. This is beneficial for the business to advertise the products, menu, social media handles, contact details, and more.

Businesses pay ALOT of money on signage and advertisements, so having this already built-in to your truck’s design concept is a great advantage. 


Trucks are Popular

Quite simply, people love food trucks. They’re novel, fun, and convenient. Out-of-towners might stumble across the truck in their adventures, friends might choose to meet up at a truck and take their meal for a picnic or a walk, rather than going to a store, or curious locals might try it out purely for the unique-ness, until they fall in love with your menu and come back everyday!


Cons of Starting a Juice Truck

Within these advantages, however, there are additional downsides to consider.


Limited Space

With a smaller space, there are some challenges to navigate while prepping, cleaning, and serving. Additionally, there is less room for storage of produce, which puts a ceiling on the number of orders you can make each day. 

If the truck isn’t linked to utilities, then the amount of water you’ll have on-hand is going to be limited, which could be challenging for clean-up time (unless you use a commissary kitchen at the end of the business day).


Risk of Mechanical Problems

If you’re not buying a new truck, you’d be getting an older model vehicle. Generally trucks that are leased out aren’t new. This means that the potential for technical issues to occur is a little higher with an older models, such as the generator, plumbing, or refrigerator breaking down.


Can Be Risky When Driving

If the equipment and stored produce and prep tools aren’t secured properly, then a simple pot-hole could spell disaster for everything flying about, things breaking, and produce being wasted. 


Additional Expenses

There are also some extra expenses that people may not consider:

  • Commissary kitchen lease if you are required to use one
  • Cost of gas if you’re driving around a lot.
  • Parking tickets! (This is an unexpected cost for most people, but definitely needs to be considered). 


Community Development

This isn’t a problem for trucks that have a set location. But if you’re changing locations a lot, then regulars will find it hard to follow you around and find you. Not developing a loyal community within a local area is detrimental to business, as you want to have consistent sales from a dedicated following who can access your products easily. Our advice – find a location and try to stick to it, if the community is good. 

You want to start a Juice Truck in the most efficient and easy way… 

What’s the solution?

Your options are to begin from scratch and handle your branding, design, menu, operations, and marketing.

However, without the right knowledge and experience, this can lead to a far more costly start-up, as well as more time, energy, stress, and sleepless nights trying to get it all right.

If you’re a little overwhelmed at what you need to do and already feeling anxious as you consider how much it will all cost, we understand, and we can help. 

We’ve created a one-of-a-kind concept that will save you tens-of-thousands of dollars, as well as stress and sleepless nights, with a turn-key juice truck package.


The Juice Bar Business in a Box is the perfect solution for any aspiring juice or smoothie entrepreneur who wants to start their business with the least amount of risk… why? Because so much of it is already done for you, with a professionally curated menu, branding, marketing strategies, and more.  

Too many juice truck business entrepreneurs quit before they can even truly begin, due to confusion, stress, fear, or lack of budget. Our company has a mission to have more healthy foodservice businesses open than unhealthy fast-food establishments, and helping you to create the business of your dreams is how we can fulfill our mission. 


Here’s what you get in the Juice Truck Business in a box:


  • The Juice Truck Master Blueprint Online Course
  • Complete Truck Wrap Designs
  • Functional Layout
  • Branding Deck
  • Website
  • The Juice Truck Perfect Menu
  • Professional Product Photography
  • Marketing Strategy
  • 30-Days of Instagram Posts
  • Equipment list
  • Inventory List
  • Menu Costing Spreadsheet
  • List of Vendors
  • Catering and Event Agreements


Basically, everything you would need to do to start your business, done for you.


How much can you save?


Check out the breakdown of what you receive in the package, and what it generally costs you if you were to do it on your own.

Interested to learn more?


Check out the Juice Truck Business in a Box here.