Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Juice Bar Franchise

The Truth About Juice Bar Franchises

When considering to open a business buying a franchise is always an option. Before I opened my first juice bar I actually considered buying a juice bar franchise. They handed me a 300 page document with apparently everything I needed to review to get started.

This was a little bit intimidating to me at the time and honestly I was simply looking for an easy business to get into. I had the Idea that I could buy a juice bar franchise and it would run itself. This is of course not true. While in some ways franchises can make things a lot easier, you may not want to go down that road in this specific industry.

Having been in the juice industry for half a decade I have a pretty good feeling for where things are headed.

The fact is that from the juice franchises I’ve looked at, none of them are even close to the standards that I held my juice bar, and more importantly where the industry standard is moving toward.

What Are You Trying To Create?

In this sense it really depends on who you are and what you are trying to create. I bought organic products and served only truly 100% raw and cold-pressed juices. I think to compete in this industry moving forward, doing these things will have to be part of your business plan.

Franchises work because they have proven systems and processes for doing things. My question is, can you take what these companies are doing that are working and apply them to your own concept? I say this because to make it with so many juice bars popping up every day, you really have to stand out.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Franchise

It might be slightly harder to begin with if you don’t buy a franchise, but in my opinion it will be worth it in the long run. You’re going to save yourself money, especially not having to pay yearly fees and more importantly at some point you might be the one franchising your business.

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