is the juice bar business right for you?


I will be honest and say that this business is definitely not for everyone. I say that because I have seen people get started with a juice bar and realize that they had totally underestimated what they were getting into.

That’s not to say that the juice business is a tough business to run by any means. It’s definitely a lot easier than a full-blown restaurant. I get emails from people all the time saying they’re really interested in taking the leap of faith into their juice bar, but there are a few things they’re unsure about.

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Do you drink a lot of juice yourself?
Are you passionate about health?
Are you passionate about interacting with people regularly?

These are a few of the questions you should be asking yourself.

The bottom line is that if you’re not doing something because you genuinely love it, you will not be as successful as you could be. This is especially true with business. Things are going to come up that you might not want to do. This happened to me at one point when my only manager at the time got sick. We struggled to keep up with orders that day, let me tell you.

But because I love helping people and being a part of a team, I still felt inspired to support the collective mission.

Even in terms of the necessary research required to fully understand this market, if you’re not really passionate about it, you might not go the extra mile to fully understand the implications of the decisions you are making. You might even have to do things you never would have thought of like making employee manuals or filling out credit applications for new vendors.

Ultimately, if you are passionate about your vision and mission as a whole, these things will be easier.

Set your goals for how you want to be interfacing with the business long term. You may not start in your ideal role, but at least you can begin to take the necessary steps to transition into this role eventually.

Once you have this vision, you can realize it. It might even be six months to a year before you see some time off for relaxation, but it will be worth it.

At one point when I had two locations in Los Angeles, I could literally walk into my juice bar for five minutes a month and that was as involved as I had to be.

It started as a lot of work and then eventually ran with very little input on my end.

The question of whether or not you love serving people is also an important question to consider.  In interacting with your employees and customers, if you don’t enjoy people genuinely, this business might not be for you.

Know that having a passion for this business is only half of the recipe. You actually have to take the proper steps to launch this business effectively. If you want to learn more in-depth as to what it takes to be successful in this business I have developed an online course that will give you the blueprint to create a successful Juice Business.

Get the Free 15 Step Checklist On How To Start A Juice Bar

Get Insights, Tips and Tools to launch and run a successful Juice Business