You can make a lot of money with a juice bar

The answer is really as much as you are willing to invest in terms of your time, energy and financial resources.

The juice business is relatively easy to scale so if your vision is multiple locations, the sky’s the limit.

I have seen people both underestimate these numbers and decide not to dive into the market as well as projected numbers that are simply ridiculous. In 2014 from one of my locations in Los Angeles we made $200,000 for the year after all expenses were paid. Now of course this location was open for a few years and we didn’t start out at that figure.

If the financial benefits of this business are one of your primary motivating factors, obviously you will want expand to more locations. At some point, even if you only want one location, you will eventually get to a point where you hit a limit. Your space can only handle so many sales per day and there are only so many people in the area who drink juice.

Ask yourself the question..

You want to really ask yourself the question before you start out, “How much do I want to make?” With this vision in mind you can design your business model for long term scalability.

Ultimately your business is a reflection what what you put into it. Your time, attention and even the skills you bring to the table are going to have an impact on your earning.

With my consulting business helping people to launch their juice bar I provide more detailed metrics on how much money you can make as well as helping you realistically make yearly projections. You can also sign up for my online course where I give you all the tools you need for a successful launch.