Obviously the name of your juice bar is a massive part of the juice brand that you will be creating. Even if you are already pretty set on a name it would be wise to consider the things I am going to bring up here.


In the age of the internet the name you choose for your business is how your customers are going to look you up. Even if they drive by your store and see your sign, they might go online later and see if there are any reviews on yelp or google.


What not to do when it comes to naming your business


Don’t name your business after yourself

Number one, it might come off as egotistical and you don’t want that. Business are like people in a way and I have noticed that all great people stand for values that are greater than themselves. When you name your juice bar after yourself, it might come across like it’s all about you.


Additionally, customers might expect Mary to always be around at Mary’s Juice Bar. You don’t necessarily want people knowing who you are and bothering you all the time when you’re around the store. Now this isn’t always true and some people do like to be very involved and personable with their customers. It really depends on how you want to be spending your time.


The most important reason not to name your juice bar after yourself is that you might want to sell your business at some point. It might not make a sale impossible, but it can for sure limit the investors that you might attract.


Don’t name your business after the location you are in.

Maybe you are planning to open a juice bar in texas and thinking about calling it Texas Juice. At first it might seem like texas is a huge place, but you don’t want to limit your ability to expand. While not impossible, it might be difficult to get a name like Texas Juice to take hold in Spain.


Don’t make your name too long

This is pretty straight forward in that you want your name to be max three words, and even better if it’s one or two. People will be searching for you on the internet and you don’t want them to have them remember some really long name.


Don’t get over creative with the words you use

Now of course creativiy is a good thing, although I have seen people go over the top with this. You don’t want to be making up words people have never heard of or make it hard for people to even spell the name of your business.


What the name of your juice bar should accomplish


Be specific about what you do

Sometimes a name that is straight to the point of what you do can work well. Take for example a concept for a juice bar that makes juice fresh as it’s ordered. A possible name for this business could be Made to Order Juice. Now this name is a little long in my opinion, so I wounldn’t neccisarily suggest it, but you get the point.


Another example of this is with a concept where you are doing all cold pressed juice. Your name could be Cold Pressed Juicery. Now this is a little generic, but the point is clear. Tell people what you do and make it simple.


There is a drawback to this and I want to address this side as well. If you did have business called Cold Pressed Juicery you would be pretty much committed to always making your juice this way and things might change. In my business experience it’s sometimes best to give yourself flexibilty in the long run so be clear with yourself about where your business is going in the future.


Create a name that your niche will identify with


Especially if you are marketing toward health conscious people, you can do a lot with your name. For example, putting the word organic in your name can be powerful for customers. You want your customers to instantly identitfy with whatever the concept is. Maybe your concept is all about superfoods for example. You could make a name like Superfood Juice.


In this aspect you want to be able to elicit an emotional response from your customers. Some people with high morals might really identify with a place called Sustainable Juicery for example. The more passionate your customers are about what you stand for in the bigger picture, the more they will become brand advocates for you.


Be memorable


This is really where the creaitivity comes in when picking your name, so allow me to offer a few suggestions. You could create a word mashup as long as it’s not too weird or difficult to undrstand. Microsoft is a great example of this combining the words microchip and software. It’s really clear what the company is about even from their name.


Another way you can do this is with alliterations. Using words that start with the same letter like Joy Juicery might stick in people’s minds.


I have even seen a concept that was so basic in it’s name that it was memorable. The juicery was simply called Juice Served Here. It might seem almost too simple, but there is no question in your mind what happens at that business.


One of my unique specialties is my creativity so if you are struggling to think of a good name or want to run some ideas by me, I am avaible for consulting on this topics and all aspects related to opening your juice bar. You can also check out my online course where I give you absolutly everything you could ever need to get up and running.