One Thing You Didn’t Know About The Juice Business

You might think you’re in the juice business when you open a juice bar, but you’re actually in the smoothie business.

Statistically, and in my experience as well, on average 60% of your sales will come from smoothies. If you haven’t thought about including smoothies on your menu, you definitely should.

Why You Should Consider Adding Smoothies To your Menu

People tend to buy things because they’re either hungry or thirsty and most people would consider a smoothie a meal replacement, but usually not a juice.

Your juices and smoothies might be closely priced so people might think if they get a juice, then they still need to order food. The awesome thing about this is you will actually make more money on smoothies for a few reasons. First, it costs much less to make smoothies. On average there might be two to four times more ingredients in a juice because the fiber is being removed.

Increasing Labor Costs

In my experience cold-pressing juice had the effect of increasing my labor costs in the neighborhood of 20 to 40 percent. That’s not to say you shouldn’t cold press, but you need to know your customers will want it.

It’s also much easier to train your staff to make smoothies in my experience. Really all that’s being done is putting certain ingredients in the blender. Additionally, smoothie ingredients like nuts and seeds are easier to purchase because they don’t have the same potential for spoilage as produce.

Within my online course I offer resources on how to make an awesome and well balanced menu between juices and smoothies. People who have taken this course literally have everything they need to launch a successful juice bar.